About me

Hi, my name is Stephanie, I am a film maker.

My love for filming started 5 years ago following my partner during his photoshoots and grew even stronger since a year documenting the life of our beautiful baby girl. Already some time ago I started creating video episodes on photographers and artists and recently had the opportunity to follow a wedding photographer on two weddings. Apart from documenting the photographer, I felt deeply fascinated by the weddings themselves, and without any preparation just captured what I felt: the stories, the connection between people, the love and emotions during the day. This was very inspiring and made me want to safeguard those moment with my camera. I provided a finished wedding video to those couples, and I was allowed to share them online and received overwhelming positive response. All of this has sparked my interest in filming weddings and other events professionally.

I normally work alone, but for bigger events I would come with a second shooter.

I am an open and dynamic person who loves life and people.

I would love to meet you and introduce myself.