General terms and conditions of BALANCIA run by Stephanie Bola – BE084. 215.97. 40, located at Dennendreef 8, B-3140 Keerbergen. The following terms and conditions are intended to help all parties to know and understand the services provided and the responsibilities of all parties involved. These terms and conditions apply to all legal relations between the photographer and the clients, of all services, offers and agreements. The photographer can modify these conditions at any time, and without notice. In case of order additional or modification of his order, the co-contractor must take note of the conditions immediately valid on the date of its own initiative. These conditions have been subject to Belgian law.


All / photo / video shoots made by photographer Stephanie Bola "BALANCIA" are artistic works and are subject to the copyright. Photos / videos remain the property by Stephanie Bola “BALANCIA”. When paying entire session and files, the customer buys the right to print and publish the photos for the purposes personal/professional. Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing, any reproduction, publication (printing in a newspaper, magazine, ...), exhibition or other form of use is only possible with the prior written consent of Stephanie Bola “BALANCIA”. In the event of infringement of the photographer's copyright, the photographer will charge three times the usual license fee in such a case, in compensation for the damage suffered.

The compensation does not entitle you to further use of the photographer's work. Copyrights and other industrial or intellectual property rights of production designed or performed by Stephanie Bola "BALANCIA" remain the owned by Stephanie Bola “BALANCIA”, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing. Including, but not limited to, portfolio, advertisements, social media, magazine articles, contests, printed matter, exhibit materials and promotional materials demonstration, sales of photo prints.


The visual material produced by Stephanie Bola “BALANCIA” can be published at any time on her Internet site , Facebook, Instagram ( social media platform) . In addition, the photographer can also use the image material to other promotional purposes and publications, BALANCIA FILMS including, but not limited to, portfolio, advertisements, social media, magazine articles, contests, printed matter, exhibit materials and promotional materials.

demonstration, sales of photo prints.


The visual material made by Stephanie Bola "BALANCIA" can be shared by the client on social networks, website and printed for photos for his own store/brand. The customer will provide always the following information: reference to the

photographer's page: Balancia @balanciastudio or @balanciaoffcial (via Instagram) /



The included photo edits are basic edits color adjustment, basic skin correction

removal of small imperfection, adjustment of light, contrast, changes in tonalities of

colors, framing, …. Stephanie Bola « BALANCIA will not do any morphological retouching. Any additional retouching at the level of a detail, the modification of the morphology or other requested by the client is not included in the retouching

initial and is a possible option that the customer can add to the service, the rates vary from 35-100 euro according to demand.


Regarding video retouching, this includes basic retouching, color adjustment, adjustment light, contrast, changes in color tones, framing, ….

Stephanie Bola "BALANCIA" will not do morphological retouching or skin retouching or change of scenery. If there is specific music, the clien wishes can

be included in the film, please inform the videographer before your wedding day. We will let you know if there is a particular problem with your choice. If no specific music is requested, the videographer will choose the appropriate music.

Our goal is to have a copy of the final film at your disposal within 3-8 weeks of the day of your marriage. However, this is only a guide because the quality of the final product is important to us.


the Quotation is based on the Client's instructions and the Customer warrants that these instructions are correct and exact. Fees and Services are determined on

the basis of the Client's instructions and modifications made to these instructions after the conclusion of the Contract may incur additional costs because of the extra work that Stephanie Bola “BALANCIA must perform.


A 30% non-refundable deposit is required to secure a reservation. It is due to the signature of the contract. Full payment of the remaining balance is required no later than 2 weeks before the date of the event


During collaborations, the model agrees the use and display of photos

on the internet (including but not limited to websites, social networks, blogs and advertisements), and undertakes to his/her side to reference the photographer and the whole team of the photo shoot when sharing the images in mentioning the accounts or pages of the different professionals.


Online payment or bank transfer:

Account holder: Stephanie Bola

IBAN: BE91001841436276




All cancellations must be made in writing (email or letter). If, for any reason, you must cancel the reservation, the following costs will apply:

- more than 30 days before the wedding date the balance will not be charged, and the non-refundable deposit preserved.

- less than 30 days before the wedding date, the balance total is charged, and the non-refundable deposit retained.

- If for any reason, we have to cancel there will be a full refund of the full amount paid which is the limit of any liability by Stephanie Bola BALANCIA FILMS.


If the wedding has to be postponed due to COVID have you subject to our availability to film your wedding at a later date in the same conditions.


-Unless prior agreement, Stephanie Bola “BALANCIA will be the exclusive videographer selected for the event. The videographer can bring an assistant at his discretion.

-Photographers and other sellers as well as amateur videographers must not hinder or interfere with the official videography.

-Wedding guests can take videos, but it is the customer's responsibility to prevent

family and friends from interfering with the duties of the


-The videographer is not responsible for the coverage compromised due to causes independent of its will such as the camera or the flash of others, lateness of the bride, groom, members of the family and members of the wedding party or other principles, weather conditions, complications timing, rendering of decorations, or venue or officer restrictions.

-The videographer is not responsible for the backgrounds existing or lighting conditions that may negatively impact or restrict videographic coverage. The customer agrees to confirm the schedule one week before the event and to send the videographer a copy of the invitation before the wedding.

Notification of any schedule change or location must be made in a timely manner. The changes can be made over the phone with a follow-up email for documentation. If an e-mail is sent, a confirmation of receipt must be obtained.


It is the Customer's responsibility to obtain the site permissions to operate a drone

on his property. We will comply with all rules and regulations set forth by the applicable CAA to always ensure safe flight, including, but not limited to, the safety distances of people and buildings. The drone cannot fly directly above a group of people for safety reasons. Piloting the drone cannot be guaranteed due to

weather conditions, Legal constraints, etc.


We will work with the problems in mind health and safety, and we reserve the right

not to film in dangerous situations.

13. FOOD

The couple will provide meals for the videographer and an assistant during dinner time Being served to guests. These can be served in the dining room or elsewhere in the place of reception. It is requested that the videographer and the assistant be seated in the dining room if possible. For to be able to continue filming during the meal.


Any request for review of the video will cost 50 € /hour (excluding VAT).


With a non-disclosure agreement, the images will not be used for promotional purposes, but the Copyright remains the property of the videographer. (A partial NDA can be negotiated)


It is not in the policy of the house to deliver photos not unedited files.


In the unlikely event of a complete failure of equipment (including loss and theft) or in other circumstances beyond our control, which means we cannot film your wedding, you will receive a refund full. We will not be responsible for any other damage.